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Wrecked or unused cars could be a real headache when it comes to scrapping or removing them. But, if you made wise and timely decision, they can get you a good amount of money, that you may use for your any other necessity. We are counted amongst the leading and most trusted car removals and car recyclers in Sydney; known for our specialization in buying cars of any condition – running, damaged, rusty, broken, or used.


We provide you service to remove your unwanted car and get your cash at your door step!

Get The Best Cash Deals for Your Car Removal

People scrapping their wrecked or redundant cars for the very first time are usually impatient and less-knowledgeable about knowing the amount that they will get through car removal; and their primary goal is to get the highest amount that they can get against scrapping their vehicle. Our offer for your unwanted cars for cash covers the value of recycling and up to $ 8,000. More, you will get friendly and timely service from our expert and trained staff.

Cash for Car Sydney is one of well-versed, reliable and trust worthy name within the car removal industry in Sydney. We offer the best cash deals for broken, unwanted, scrap, redundant and old vehicles. Our customer support staff is pleased to help you with any information that you need. Feel free to contact us and get a free quote about your wrecked vehicle now.

We offer Amazing Cash for Cars Removal Deals in Sydney

Considering the cash for cars or the cost for car removal, you need to keep multiple factors in mind. First, of all you need to understand the fact that it is not a simple, straight calculation; and there are numerous things that collectively form the car removal cost. If you will search about the cost of picking up a car in Sydney, you will find out that most of the cash for car companies in Sydney saying publically that they disclose major part of the cost that a car removal takes, by accumulating other services like free car removal. However, in reality this eventually comes down to condition of the vehicle, location of the vehicle and that what buyer is looking for when scrapping his vehicle. To get an idea or the estimated removal cost for your vehicle, contact our experts any time on the given number and get a friendly advice for Free.Call Us Now! And Get Know the Worth of Your Wrecked/Unwanted Vehicle


Our Services

Cash For Honda Cars

We offer the top cash for Honda cars on all models, regardless of age and vehicle condition. Our cash offer for Honda is valid for Honda cars, bikes, vans, trucks,

Cash For Corolla Cars

If you are the same as most Toyota car owners, you may have acquired your Corolla for many years. If so, now maybe it is the time to upgrade. So,

Cash For Toyota Cars

We offer the top cash for Toyota cars on all models, regardless of age and vehicle condition. Our cash offer for Toyota is valid for Toyota cars, bikes, vans, trucks,

What our customers says about us

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We have gathered a record of some of the frequently asked questions we receive each day. If your distinct inquiry has not been answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us; we will be glad to answer you!

How do I sell a car for cash Sydney?

It is always crucial to take time and to be prepared if you want to sell your car for cash or to give your car the best price. There are various online tools to help you determine the best value for your vehicle and practical tips to follow.

What documents will you need during the car removal Sydney process?

We will need a copy of the driver’s license, title papers, registration papers, other papers for transfer and keys.

I don't own the vehicle, can I sell car for cash on behalf of my family or friend?

Yes, you can, but you need a signed copy of the owner’s concern to act on their behalf.

I want to sell my old car for cash, so what is the method of your payment?

We only pay cash for old cars and cars for cash. When the driver arrives for the vehicle, cash is paid, and the vehicle is taken.

How do I get the most value in my car while evaluating?

If you want to sell your unwanted cars Sydney at more cash
  • Keep all repair and maintenance official papers
  • Wash, polish, and vacuum
  • If possible, remove small damages
  • Take out personal belongings from inside and trunk

Are there any hidden fees or charges?

You never pay us anything, and we never add hidden charges. When you accept an offer for your vehicle, it is the full amount. When we buy your car, you will be paid at the time of delivery as long as the condition is specified.

What happens to my vehicle after car removal for cash?

It depends on several factors. The most common things that happen to your aftermarket vehicle are:

  • If there is still value beyond materials and parts, the car will be resold at auction.
  • The vehicle will be destroyed, elements added to the inventory of the salvage yard. Further, the rest of the car will reuse for raw material.
  • The car will be smashed and reused by the auto-recovery yard.

Do you buy the entire junk car for cash regardless of the situation?

We reserve the title to deny buying any vehicle for any reason. Our partners and we purchase nearly all cars under any positions. It is often not essential whether the car has severe mechanical problems or it is damaged cars.

Do you have customer service for selling a car in Sydney?

Of course! Our expert and friendly customer service agents can answer your inquiries 24/7/365.

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